You may ask yourself what this blog post is about. It’s very simple; communication is the omnipresent focal point of this blog. Discovering, sharing, learning and debating on relevant information related to business, self-help and the entrepreneurial world.
If you are thinking on starting your own small business or simply seeking tips on how to increase your daily productivity – I recommended you to follow these leading productivity experts outlined by Biz 3.0 Infographic.
Here is the controversial part – Is everything we read or hear from the “Gurus” true? Are they directly applicable to us? Are these tips considering all circumstances that may affect the success or failure of a project or business?
Simply taking into consideration these following questions may lead you greater success. Do we really need to worry about all these tips and tricks or should we just pull up our pants and JUST GO WITH IT!
Once more, this blog post is merely an opinion exposing both side of “reality”. Being able to expand our minds and see both sides of a coin can find to be more beneficial in personal development. What do you think?

by Gicar Management

The Productivity Gurus